Vic Marcus

Keynote Speaker - Business Consultant

Vic Marcus

"If you're not paranoid about keeping your competitors away from your customers, you set yourself up to die a slow and painful corporate death!"

- Vic Marcus Muschiano

Vic Marcus knows what it takes to succeed in the business world; he has contributed to the business technology marketplace in various capacities of expertise, innovation & business development for over three decades.


He's a successful entrepreneur who founded Dator Corporation, a technology services integrator, and Vortex Advisory Group, a global consultancy. He has served as an expert Industry Analyst in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the ARC Advisory Group, and later as Vice President with the GartnerGroup. Vic has held a number of executive positions with Fortune 500 technology companies.

As a sales professional, he closed those once-in-a-lifetime deals that many just dream about! He's a million dollar master, and earlier in his career, was recognized as "salesperson-of-the-year" for achieving the highest revenue volume in the history of Braegen Corporation's global sales organization. Vic Marcus knows first hand about winning, and losing, he's been there! He knows the importance of relationship building, discipline and motivation. Vic Marcus is passionate about the customer relationship, as well as the esteemed profession of selling, and is respected for his expertise in Sales/Sales Management, Channels Development, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

He has been quoted extensively in many national and global publications as an insightful business analyst and strategist. He has authored several perceptive reports & other visionary deliverables, as well as a number of articles that have appeared in various business publications.

Vic Marcus is an inspiring and motivational keynoter, and he delivers a high-impact message. His presentations and keynotes are customized to meet each client's specific needs and goals.

Vic Marcus doesn't just talk business...he lives it! He's energetic, funny and entertaining; he inspires, motivates, and delivers volumes of insightful content and wisdom that you can take to the bank!

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